Sushi class at The Hilton

The great thing about a cooking class is that you don’t need to know how to cook at all. I don’t do a stitch of cooking, baking or any culinary work. I don’t even like eating sushi! But I had an amazing time and would definitely recommend it to anyone. The class takes place only on Fridays nights at The Hilton in Sandton at a cost of R330pp. I think this is great value for money as you get 31 pieces of sushi plus a welcome drink, tea/coffee and dessert. The price is reasonable as most cooking classes cost around R500.


The classes are intimate with a maximum of 8 people attending ensuring that you get enough one on one attention. Waiters are present to take your drink orders throughout the class. Like most classes it is best you go in a group of at least two as people are generally there with someone and you might feel left out. If you do decide to go alone the intimate nature of the class won’t make you feel too lonesome. 


I was worried that like other cooking classes we would only eat after the class. This wasn’t the case as we sampled the sushi we made throughout the class. Warning: you will make 31 pieces of sushi! Don’t stuff your face with the boring cucumber maki and eat all six pieces like we did. We made sushi using salmon, smoked salmon, tuna and prawns.


While your sushi might not look perfect it doesn’t matter because it will still taste great! The instructor had a good laugh at me because I couldn’t cut anything properly. At end of the class we got a certificate and had tea/coffee and dessert. It is a unique activity for a date or a group of friends. Book a class, you will have loads of fun and dinner to eat!

The Hilton have kindly agreed to sponsor a sushi school experience for two people worth R660! All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment below on who you would take with you to the class and what your favourite type of sushi is. A winner will be drawn on 1 September. Good luck!

Update: The competition is now closed. Congrats to Poonam! Thanks for reading and entering everyone.

Chopsticks & Sushi,


12 thoughts on “Sushi class at The Hilton

  1. Wow!!! This sounds so fun and different. I’d definately take my fiancé Yuolin… Why…. Not because I wouldn’t have an absolute blast with my girlfriends…but merely for the reason that my love for sushi started when we started dating… We stuff our faces with sushi starters leaving no place for the main meal..we have tried most of the types but I enjoy the prawn California rolls the most-keeping it simple. We joke about making them ourselves one this will be a fun start…love your blogs babe… Mwaaah. Xx

  2. I would take my boyfriend. He is Muslim and this relationship has been hard. No one knows about him. I am romantic and am always looking for new things to do with him. We love sushi and we love to cook together. Owing to time constraints, we typically only see each other on a Friday night. I could thing of no better way to spend my time with him making sushi together. How fab and fun. This would guarantee us another awesome night together. 2 special guys, in love, making sushi together @ the Hilton! Special indeed! Let me make his night! Again.

  3. So… in the ideal world I would obviously go with John Abraham and just sit there watching him make fashion sandwiches for me. 🙂 Gosh if only!!

  4. I would take one of my best friends, she and I love food, amazing sushi and trying out new restaurants. She’s one of my fav people to share a meal with and she’s always wanted to try out sushi making! My fav sushi is prawn tempura rainbow rolls.

  5. Hey Hey…
    I would so take Ricodlen, my fiancé so then I can simply say, ‘We’ve been to the class and you know how.. Don’t you want to make some sushi..?’
    LoL.. I’m a little bully I know but I love it..!
    He’s more the pro in the kitchen, yes I can hear it how did the guy teach the girl to cook.. What would my Indian mother say..!
    Fav is salmon califonia rolls…

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