A retro American Vibe at Remo’s Fratelli Maximilliano

It might have an Italian name but the décor at Remo’s Fratelli screams American. This is the first branch to open in Gauteng with the other two situated in Durban. It is apparently an owner run restaurant because the owner checks in at times but feels more like another franchise to hit our malls. This picture is the favourite one I took by far!


While it might not be a unique restaurant the décor certainly is. The restaurant is an open plan area kitted out with red couches, vintage photographs, hanging round light fittings and a stair case leading to a wine room to give it an American vibe and retro look.


I really love the long bar area that has plenty of booze bottles, chalkboard listings of drinks and a mounted scooter. It really is one good looking bar.


How cool and New York like do the bartenders look with their caps?!


There is a bakery adjoining the restaurant and a wide selection of sweet delights to choose from.


The menu is extensive with breakfast options, pastas, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and burgers. The chicken and steak mains come served with unique serving of zucchini not chips. I liked the shape of the rectangular chicken pizza with feta, avo and peppadews for R94 but that was where the liking ended. The topping combinations for this pizza had ingredients that would work great together but didn’t translate due to poor quality of cheese, chunky bland chicken and thick slightly burnt base. This was a rather below average pizza that I wouldn’t order again.


Grilled chicken breast, wood fire roasted vegetables, peppadew, pinenut &feta pesto, zucchini fries & balsamic reduction for R98.


Braised lamb shank, parmesan mash, wood fire roasted vegetables & Port wine sauce for R155.


Pork kassler chop, roasted pepper mash and apple sauce for R89.


Grilled beef fillet served with roasted vegetables, spinach, zucchini fries and peppercorn sauce for R138/R179 for 200g/300g.


The special of the day was seared tuna and Napolitano pasta with capers, olives and anchovies.


Seared tuna with a side of broccoli.


The chocolate brownie served with homemade vanilla ice cream for R40 was average. While the brownie was a huge portion but not the best I have had, the watery flavourless ice cream detracted from the brownie.


The homemade cheesecake for R45 was creamy and very lemony.


Frozen yoghurt served with a berry sauce.


The service was very poor. I waited long whenever I wanted to order a drink and would have to get up and find a waiter. The waiter brought two dishes for our table while the other ten waited for 30 minutes for food. There was still one dish missing after the wait as they didn’t put through the order. This could be because we were a big group of people. One person in our group that ate the salmon got very bad food poisoning that day.


Waterfall Corner reminds me of Sandton City – the restaurants aren’t particularly good but they will make money anyway because of location. The breakfast options look good and the vibe was nice but I wouldn’t say the food is anything unique. Overall it was an average experience, I would like to go back in a smaller group and try something else on the menu as I do think it’s nice spot to meet up at even if only for drinks.

Click: http://www.remos.co.za
Ring: 010 007 1699
Hop: Waterfall Corner, Corner of Maxwell and Woodmead Dr, Sunninghill


2 thoughts on “A retro American Vibe at Remo’s Fratelli Maximilliano

  1. Hi there curious girl.
    I happened upon your word press window of the latest Remos Maxi out at Sunninghill and must compliment your photos. Capturing a beautifully curated space is always an inspiring moment in ones life and given the opportunity to present your work, an equally gratifying moment.
    Curios girl, In todays global “free for all,” the world has become its own critic and allowed anyone with the luxury of internet and access to its tool, the freedom to express a previously considered privilege. That being an OPINION.
    To be a critic one has to be well schooled, exceptionally well versed and most importantly well researched otherwise you leave yourself compromised and open to a verbal thrashing.
    I applaud your youthful efforts and gung ho “take it or leave it style” but you got it a little wrong when you mentioned a few things about the house and home to a number of incredibly experienced, committed and passionate people that make this brand the owner run business it is.
    I started off a customer at the “originale” store in Durban and have watched this brand grow to three and apparently soon to four.
    Singularly run and frequently visited by its creator and obsessively committed members.

    It’s a tough business the food business and as businesses go, I think these guys are up there with pretty much the best.

    As I said, all opinions are considered. So with this in mind I will leave you with four points to consider when writing your next literary contribution.
    Research your commentary carefully before releasing it to the world.
    Establish facts first
    Pay more attention to the detail
    Edit and re edit.
    1. The stairway leads up into a wine room and not into space
    2. The store is not a franchise.
    3.The decor is so much more than American but that’s for a whole other day.

    Initiative applauded , good luck going forward and your idea to revisit the space is complimented.
    Maybe it will be a better vibe and your second take more forgiving.

    crowing deep in the house

    • Hi Gonzo,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and leave constructive criticism. I have never called myself a critic and I am merely expressing an opinion. I am not a food critic that writes for a newspaper or magazine who would get paid to do so and then also get the best service and food at a restaurant for free. Therefore unlike some bloggers out there I don’t feel the need to sugar coat my experience and leave out the bad. 

      The restaurant certainly doesn’t run like an owner run one. Poor service, average food and a gung-ho attitude when phoned about food poisoning.

      Thank you for points 1, 2 which I will correct. I am not a decor expert so I tried to describe what it seemed to me – which I did love btw.

      It’s a bit infeasible for me to contact each restaurant on details, I gather what I can from their website and what I see. Most people try a restaurant because of the food not because of the decor. If someone does point out a mistake I am more than happy to correct, I do make mistakes like everyone else.

      Despite an average experience I try to leave my readers with a reason to visit – in this case breakfast options and the vibe. At the end of it all I don’t see the point of going to a restaurant where the food isn’t great.

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