7 fashion sins women commit

This is a short post on a few fashion sins I have seen women commit that makes me want to reach out and help them see the light of their poor dress sense.

1. Buying fake branded items. This seems to happen with handbags the most. More often than not it looks cheap and people can spot that it is a fake. Rather buy a non-branded item that looks great. You don’t need to only wear branded items to dress well.

2. Not removing the labels from under your shoes. It’s not difficult and only takes a second. Don’t be the lady who has her shoes stared at for the wrong reason.

3. Wearing stockings that have holes in them. Sometimes accidents do happen and your stockings tear. But if I have seen you with the same pair with holes twice, then it isn’t an accident. Do you not wash your stockings? Do you get dressed in the dark? Are you too cheap to buy another pair? You wouldn’t wear pants with a visible hole in it so why stockings?

4. Ill-fitting underwear. I know a girl who commits both these sins. Firstly the bra that is one size too small and squeezes out sections of back fat. Secondly the thong one size too small that is visibly squeezing the muffin top. On that note I don’t see the point of wearing a thong if your reason is visible panty line because a thong is always more visible.

5. Super high heels that you cannot walk in. If the heel of your shoe is always slanting to the one side and you can’t walk straight then please get a lower heel instead of making a fool of yourself.

6. Tights as pants. If you do this please ensure that your camel toe, ass cheeks and cellulite are covered up by a top long enough!

7. Wearing white see through pants. Wait it gets better… not wearing any underwear with it either.

Fashion & Police,


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