Davines Love Smoothing Kit

I bought this set from Davines which contains a shampoo, conditioner and styling oil for R436. First up I have to mention that I am in love with the clean minimalistic packaging. The pink colour doesn’t hurt either. While I know you don’t buy products for how they look, it does look pretty in my shower. The clear packaging also means you know exactly how much product is left. 

The scent is lovely and fresh with slight sharp notes. The Davines range of shampoos don’t foam excessively as the “store-bought” ones. I have gotten used to the less foaming after a few washes but I also tend to use a large amount to get enough lather. The only thing I dislike about the shampoo is that after a day my hair already starts to look greasy. I think the Davines products are formulated really well so I’m going to try a different shampoo in the range when this bottle runs out.

The conditioner is thick and creamy. I like applying it from a tub because I find it easier to control the quantity I use. This conditioner makes the shower super slippery when you rinse it out – be careful not to slip. I always thought it’s best to towel dry my hair a little and then apply the conditioner. This isn’t the case and I found it best to squeeze off excess water and then apply. Try to not rinse out all the conditioner to give you super soft hair.


This variant of shampoo and conditioner is for harsh, frizzy hair. I found it quite annoying that the ladies at Carlton aren’t knowledgable on their products. Everyone has a different opinion on what type of hair the products are best suited for. When I switched to this range my hair felt light, not weighed down and very soft. My hair is still frizzy if it air dries but combined with straightening it is super soft. It hasn’t helped combat frizziness or ease the tangled knots but it does make my hair greasy quite quickly.

The absolute beautifying potion is the most delicious scent I have ever smelt. This should be bottled as a perfume or a massage oil at spas because it is simply divine! The propose of this oil is to use it as a finishing product to smooth away fly aways. It has a thick consistency so keep it away from the roots and use sparingly. You can also apply to damp hair as a heat protectant. The best feature about this oil is definitely the scent but I don’t think it offers anything different to other hair oils on the market.

I’m not consistent with the number of times I wash my hair a week – it’s generally between one and three. The shampoo and conditioner have lasted me 7 months. You only need a drop of oil in you hair so the bottle will easily last you a year. I love the Davines products and would definitely recommend you try them if you are in the market for new hair products. 

Love & Hair,



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