Parreirinha restaurant review

Pronounced Pa-Rey-ring-here this Portuguese restaurant is situated in the south of Johannesburg in La Rochelle. Getting here at night was quite dodge however the street it is situated on has plenty of car guards. The restaurant is rich in history with the building dating back to the 50s serving as a police station. The original name in case you were wondering originates from the word “little grapevine”.


Walking in we found the restaurant grungy, dimly lit, slightly cramped and super busy with plastic tablecloths to complete the decor. The section we were seated in was once part of a jail cell and hence really small. Our table was incredibly close to the next one which doesn’t give one much privacy. To start we had supermarket bought Portuguese rolls that were already lying on the table.


I expect Portuguese food to be packed with flavour. Just typing this makes my mouth water. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. We asked the waiter what was on the seafood platter and he came out with an uncooked platter so we could see exactly what it consisted off. The seafood platter for R300 was great value for money and consisted of a piece of fish, 6 prawns, calamari, clams, langoustines, crayfish, chips and rice.


The clams were done in a tasteless tomato sauce and the calamari was rubbery, bland and looked unappetizing. The prawns had no flavour as they were lightly grilled but not spiced whereas the crayfish was spoilt by spices making it too salty. They also served us fish that tasted and looked old.The only redeeming food on the platter were the delicious sweet langoustines. There were no sauces served with our platter which could have lent some flavour to the tasteless components of the platter.


I don’t mind traveling or if a restaurant isn’t decorated that great if the food is good. This experience however was a complete waste of time. While the price was a bargain the food was below average bland stale seafood. The prices of other dishes on the menu are similar to other seafood franchises so it definitely doesn’t warrant a trip here. Like many family run restaurants they have a good following of regular customers. I certainly will not be returning or recommending this to anyone. They do a birthday bash in July every year which you have to book early for. Prices this year were R55 for 12 prawns, R45 for peri peri chicken, R43 for prego trinchado and R10 for a beer. The common people flock to it like bees to honey – if you consider yourself common perhaps think about going next year.

Ring: 011 435 3809
Hop: 9, 6th Street, La Rochelle, Johannesburg South

Peri & Peri,


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