7 random musings

1. People should be able to feel sad for all senseless deaths not just the deaths of people that are the same religion as you.

2. Associating and only having friends of the same religion as you is on the same level as racism in my books.

3. Please don’t state how perfect you are/make sniping comments on people’s grammar if u spell “a lot” as alot or make countless typos on your blog. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, yes?

4. I don’t trust women who only wear skirts (not the long skirts that the conservative types wear but rather the combo of short skirts and stockings to make it safe for work). I found these women who can’t don a pair of pants have an air about them, are bitchy because they think they are the prettiest girl in the room and generally unpleasant. Beauty on the outside doesn’t necessarily translate to beauty on the inside.

5. Just because you had nothing as a kid doesn’t mean you have to give your kid everything to the point that they lack values, an appreciation for money, become obnoxious and take everything for granted. 

6. Learn to be an informed person rather than an opinionated one. 

7. People out there are angry to the point that they will beat up or kill someone due to road rage. Rather keep calm, don’t swear, zap, hoot or flash lights at said losers. It’s not worth losing your life to an idiot. 


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