Quirky Park Café

Quirky girly Park Café is a unique café situated in lower level of the Parks Shopping Centre. They have a small “basement” space kitted out in kitschy astro turf to appear park like. Surrounding the restaurant is a nail salon, skincare clinic and hairdresser. It is perfect place to get your nails done and eat lunch nearby while you wait for them to completely dry. The location is weird but they have done a good job converting the space into something original.


I love the use of the bright pink and green colours to brighten the dark area. Our table had pretty yellow roses and a note to follow on Twitter and Facebook. You won’t find matching chairs at your table but there is a selection of cakes, macarons and fudge to choose from. The menu has extensive breakfast options, pastas, toasted sandwiches, open sandwiches and light meals.


The creamy chicken and fresh pesto pasta for R85 was my chosen lunch choice. I have made this pesto mistake twice – I assume fresh pesto means homemade not a few sprinkles of green leaves (I expected an entirely different dish in my mind). My dish looked fresh, homemade, delicious and wholesome. The portion size was really small – I think it was about a quarter of the size you get elsewhere. There were tiny shredded chicken bits on top that probably equated to a piece smaller than my pinkie finger. My pasta came served with torn Italian bread which was cold and refrigerated. This was a yummy dish that was a small portion with too little chicken.


The Norwegian salmon fishcakes with avo salsa for R90 was the other dish we ate. Given that the menu said fishcakes ie plural not fishcake ie one I was expecting a few smaller fishcakes. This was made using good quality salmon. I didn’t like it as it was way too mushy and fishy (translate stinky) for me.


We still felt quite hungry after our meal. You can see that the food is prepared using quality ingredients but the portions sizes were very small. The service was average. The wait for our food and the bill was very long. We were pretty much ignored after our food was served. The Wi-Fi password was given to us with the bill which was pretty pointless.


I don’t think this is a place that you would make a special visit to but rather if you were in the area looking for a light delicious meal.

Ring: 011 447 0250
Hop: The Parks Centre, Corner of Wells & Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood

Parks & Cafés,


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