July beauty roundup

This month’s roundup features four skincare and one hair product that I am currently using. I am still trying to find my groove with regards to beauty reviews. They aren’t as easy to write as food reviews!


I have been using Mitchum for several years now because it provided some protection and I don’t like the typical roll on deodorants. I am not sure if the formula has changed or the cortisones I take just make me sweat more but this hasn’t been working well for me at all lately. The gel takes long to dry and stains your clothes. Apart from the lack of protection the shower fresh scent smells medicinal. This used to be my go to deodorant but not anymore.


Bio oil is a staple that is found in most South African homes, even in the cupboards of skinny girls because they get stretch marks too (much to my glee)! The oil is a beautiful colour and can be found in 60ml, 125ml or 200ml bottles. The scent is soothing, the oil is absorbing and not exceptionally greasy. I don’t use this vigilantly enough to comment on the decrease of stretchmarks and scars. I have seen some fading but cannot be sure if that is over time or attributed to bio oil use. I do however think it is a good body oil at a decent price to keep your skin soft and banish dryness. A tip from my friend: pour some bio oil in your lotion bottle and shake the bottle before you use it each time. This way you don’t have to remember to use the oil separately.


I bought L’Oreal Studio Hot Straight Thermo Straightening cream a few years ago so this variant isn’t being sold anymore but there is an updated product line. Like most products from L’Oreal it smells amazing. The cream based product has the consistency of a light conditioner. It doesn’t weigh down or make your hair greasy. I blow dry my hair like a crazy person and didn’t notice any difference to my hair using this product before blow drying and straightening and not using it. My hair didn’t feel sleeker or straighter. The ends of my hair did feel slightly less knotty and tangled. Because you apply this to your mid lengths the roots of your hair will still be frizzy.


The only thing dramatically different about Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing lotion is the fact that it is coloured yellow. My biggest gripe about this product is that the 30ml doesn’t have a pump like the testers in the shop and the 50ml bottle. It is an extremely frustrating process using this every morning. I inevitably get too much product out and have to put it back in the bottle. The consistency is weak and doesn’t absorb easily with an almost soapy texture. While this may be suitable for use in summer, I found that in winter it did nothing for my dry skin.


Camomile gentle eye makeup remover retails for R99 at The Body Shop. This product smells like the start of fermenting grapes (it doesn’t smell like wine – before you wine whores rush out to buy some!). I love the clean white packaging, the big size of the bottle and the ease which it pours out. This can irritate and burn slightly if your skin is sensitive. The remover is clear in colour but slightly soapy. If you soak too much on a cotton wool pad it will become a soapy soppy mess. Mascara and eyeliner takes more than a few swipes to remove. It left the area around my eye feeling oddly sticky and dry at the same time. You definitely need to wash your face after using this. Oil based makeup removers are superior to this so rather buy the camomile waterproof eye and lip makeup remover or the camomile silky cleansing oil.


I hope you enjoyed my beauty roundup!

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