7 things I want people to know

A little rant on a few things I wish people knew that would make me a little less ranty. I am by no means saying I am perfect and I am sure that I do plenty to piss other people off. Just a short post that I hope people will see the humour in!

1. There is a difference between acquaintances/colleagues and friends. Please don’t expect me to spend my personal time with you if we aren’t friends and I don’t like you. Time is too precious to spend it on people that aren’t worthy of it.

2. Sometimes people invite me to an event and I don’t want to go because someone I have issues with will be there. I believe there is a difference in telling someone to not invite someone to an event vs choosing not to go because of who is attending. It is simply giving a reason for non attendance. The choice to attend or not to attend ultimately lies with me.

3. Please, please, please pay your 10 percent tip! This always seems to be an issue with groups larger than four. It’s not fair to the waiter/waitress and it’s not fair on the people that have to cough up extra for your tip. Another peeve of mine is when people take all the cash and pay the amount and 10% tip on their card. There are always some people that pay more than 10% so effectively you are stealing the waiters tip and paying less than you should. 

4. If you don’t know how to use a hashtag don’t use one at all. This seems to be a common problem of Facebook users that haven’t ever used Twitter. Examples:
#So blessed

5. I hate it when the first and only question people ask me is about work. There are so many more interesting things to talk about. Ask me about what I am reading, new restaurants I have been to, current affairs or sporting events. Just please don’t use your default how is work question.

6. I drive a car with personalized number plates. People seem to love to hate personalized number plates. I think it’s because people view it as a show of money. It actually isn’t because it doesn’t cost much. But here’s the thing, when you take that picture of car with a number plate whilst you are driving you are actually the douche for using a phone whilst driving. There are rapists, murderers and abusers out there who are more deserving of your hateful energy.

7. Please stop making gay jokes. If someone seems to be gay but isn’t out of the closet, well so what? What difference does someone’s sexual preference make to your life? Furthermore when you share these supposed jokes with me you reveal what an insipid person you are and assume I’m as vile as you. 

Until my next rant,


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