Ant Cafe in Melville

Ant Cafe in Melville wasn’t our initial chosen luncheon spot one windy Saturday but I am glad we ended up here. I was craving pizza, oh who am I kidding, when do I not want pizza?! I had wanted to try out Yolo but they only opened for lunch at 1:30 which was late and didn’t fit in with my shopping plans. We walked around and spotted Ant Cafe which I had read about.


Melville was never a hangout for me as I didn’t go to UJ and I didn’t have a car during my varsity days. I don’t think this is a student hangout anymore as I see an older mix of people on the weekends. The inside of Ant Cafe feels both dirty and grungy. It really does fit in with the Melville image and must be a great place to hang out at night. Don’t expect any vibe and ambience in the daytime as it is quite empty and the decor isn’t suited to daylight.


The menu is focused on Italian offerings of pizza, pasta, platters and sandwiches. I had the chicken, basil, olives, feta and peppadew pizza for R65. The pizza looked and tasted delicious. I loved the addition of basil and olives. It’s really difficult to find a good chicken pizza as often the chicken can be bland and foul tasting if not spiced properly. This was seasoned well and full of flavour. The base was quite interesting – very thin and crisp. I really enjoyed it but be warned it’s not your typical pizza base.


The bf had the four seasons – olives, ham, salami, mushroom, artichoke and peppers for R65. He didn’t like his pizza too much as it tasted bland.


We did receive condiments of parmesan, chilli sauce and garlic. I think chopped fresh chilli would have worked better and lifted the flavour of the bland pizza.


I really enjoyed my lunch at Ant Cafe and definitely think this would be a nice experience at night. The pizzas are cheap and good. A great place to try for dinner with a group of friends.


Ring: (076) 476 5671
Hop: 11, 7th Street, Melville

Pizza & Cafés,


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