Beauty unfavourites

I wouldn’t consider myself a beauty blogger, but I have found recently that I have been reading more beauty blogs, checking out reviews and getting excited shopping for beauty products. If you have a beauty blog please tweet me/leave me a comment as I would love to check your blog out. For this post I have decided to combine a few products I have been using into one post as I sometimes struggle to write enough on one product and I find it strange to write a very short post on it. These products unfortunately did not live up to my expectations and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone or repurchase again.


I generally love all the Clarins products I have tried because they are suitable for my sensitive skin and are overall light and fresh. Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster is very artificially perfumed and not what I have come to expect from Clarins. The scent bothered me at first but I have gotten use to it over time. This product left me confused. It’s not a toner but an energizer? It can be applied using your hands or a cotton pad by light tapping movements. I found it cumbersome using hands as it left both my hand and face sticky. It contains red currant, green coffee and white tea extracts as well as alcohol. I didn’t feel my face becoming dried out due to the alcohol. The lotion claims to remove signs of tiredness and fatigue, boost skin energy and radiation. I found no difference from using this. I used it as a toner with a cotton pad and wiped it over my face. I tried using the tapping movement suggested but it was strange. I wouldn’t repurchase due to it containing alcohol and I didn’t feel that it energized my skin. 


I have yet to find a deodorant that works truly well. In the defence of all the deodorants I have tried I am probably an above average sweater. This offering from Garnier is marketed as anti-marks/stains and fading. It is definitely gentle on clothes even when I sometimes didn’t wait for it to completely dry I could easily rub off the deodorant marks with a towel. My problems are that I didn’t like the strong floral scent and more importantly it didn’t provide any deodorant protection for me. It is great that it has no alcohol and won’t ruin your clothes. This deo is best suited to those that sweat very little/not at all. 


Equatorial strawberry and papaya body lotion is available at Clicks. I bought this because I love strawberry and it had a nice fruity scent. My main reasons for disliking this is that the scent is highly perfumed and smells cheap. When I use this it reminds me of air freshener. The lotions consistency is fine but it leaves my skin super greasy.


Kiri hand cream is made in New Zealand and I don’t think it is sold here thank goodness! It smells sickly sweet – I don’t think kiwis have a scent. The lotion is thick, greasy and doesn’t get absorbed easily. 


Clinique’s youth surge age decelerating moisturizer is a proper fail. I don’t know how this moisturizer is still around. Firstly it stinks with the the most horrible plasticine scent. Once you apply it on your face it lingers so you keep smelling it the entire day long. It doesn’t absorb easily and leaves me with a white sheen that is visible to others. I absolutely hate this cream. Hands down the worst beauty product I have used. 


Like Silk gentle eye makeup remover is anything but gentle. It has a gel consistency and burns your eyes. At R30 for a bottle it is cheap but not suitable for removing eye makeup. I use this to clean my lips or cheeks.


I prefer shower gel to soap and this soap didn’t change my preference. Nesti Dante soap has notes of bergamot and a clean citrusy scent . It has a very faint smell so you don’t get much scent in the shower. The soap lathers up to a rather slimy foamy when used with a sponge that I really didnt like. Using the soap just on my hands it didn’t have a slimy foam. My biggest gripes are that it dried out and left my skin not feeling adequately clean.


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One thought on “Beauty unfavourites

  1. Love reading your posts Sam! So helpful! If you’re looking for a deodorant that works particularly well, try Nivea’s Dry Confidence. Also, if you’re looking for a treatment to hydrate your skin during Winter, I would recommend Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. It’s possibly the most effective treatment they’ve come out with.

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