Madame Zingara

Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams is nothing short of spectacular. People who have been will tell you how amazing it is and are sure to have visited several times. Zingara for those who are unaware is a dinner theatre show in an unrivalled class of its own. I have been three times already and it certainly is not going to stop at that number. In a nutshell it can be described as a show and dinner, but it so much more. The entire experience is very unique. Madame Zingara is currently calling Monte Casino in Johannesburg home. I felt the outside area complete with a bar before you enter the tent was very small this time around. A cute lit up heart and lollipops form part of the décor where everyone loves to take a pic, including me! Inside the tent there is a dress up store where you can buy wigs, wings, crowns, hats, feather scarfs and get your face painted. The floor fairies (waiters) are all assigned a character and are dressed accordingly. Our waiter was Speedy and he bounced and walked on the spot.


There were seven different acts in between the food courses. The performances was nothing short of amazing. We were in total awe of their capabilities. The food was superb and better that some of the restaurants I have been to. Even the bread and butter was really yummy. Our first course was a selection of mezze. Everything was delicious and I really loved the soup.


For our second course we chose the heart shaped ravioli pockets served with a sauteé of delicate mushrooms & a drizzle of truffle oil. The other second course option that you can choose from is a light, crisp and crunchy summer salad. For me the choice was easy as pasta wins over salad always!


The bf had the salmon topped with a vegetable salsa and served on a bed of mash. He enjoyed his fish but it did seem that it was trout served and not salmon.


I had the lamb shank prepared in a red wine sauce served with mash. I have had lamb shank at a few restaurants and they range from dismal to average. This was a good lamb shank. Also because they serve only a few dishes to a large number of guests you don’t get served old produce which sometimes happens in restaurants.


Other main options include a chocolate chilli fillet, a Moroccan chicken tagine and a Thai veg curry. A trio of delicious desserts was the perfect way to end the evening. Malva pudding; red velvet, white chocolate and Amarula mousse and vanilla pod ice cream. The red velvet was by far my favourite.


For a four course meal and a show it is certainly well worth the price which ranges from R440 to R495 excluding drinks. If you paying for two it can be quite a pricey evening out. Zingara is perfect for a small birthday party though it does get quite loud. I love that they change the show every year so that you can experience new acts. It’s a fun night for the young and old, lovers, friends or family. Do check out the gallery on the website for great pics of the performers. If you haven’t been I would highly recommend you go. If you have been already you should understand why you need to go again!

Ring: 0861 623 263
Hop: Monte Casino

Theatre & Dreams,


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