The Body Shop Blueberry Range

My love affair with The Body Shop started as a result of my obsession with strawberries. The Body Shop was the only place I could find deliciously scented strawberry body butter. That was 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I always stock up on various flavours of body butters but rarely the shower gels. This blueberry shower gel smelt too good to resist. The blueberry products is part of a limited edition range. Raspberry is the other limited edition range that is also out. I really think this should be called a seasonal range as it comes out every year and isn’t once off. I love the blueberry scented body butter and I have been using it for a few years now. The limited edition range usually goes on sale at the end of the season and that’s when I stock up!  It is a light fruity scent which is not overpowering. The body butter retails for R99 which is cheaper than the all year ranges that are priced at R140. Each tub of body butter contains the oil from 500 blueberries! I don’t know if this is really makes a difference as most of the body butter textures feel the same to me.


The shower gel is this gorgeous shade of blue that looks spectacular when the sun shines on it. The blueberry scent disappears quickly and doesn’t linger on your skin. I found that I have to use double the amount of shower gel that I would use with other brands to get enough lather. This could be due to it being soap free. This shower gel doesn’t dry out or leave your skin scented. One bottle lasts me around 3-4 months. At R60 a bottle it is expensive for 250ml compared to the majority of supermarket shower gels which are R20-R30 a bottle. There is a scrub available which has a jelly like consistency. I prefer cream based scrubs so I haven’t tried this out. There is also a lip balm which smells super delicious, it is definitely on my to buy list! I enjoy this range very much as it’s fruity without being too overpowering. I love the body butter but the shower gel lacks enough foam and scent for a repurchase.

Blue & Berries,


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