7 social media wars

I really love writing my “7 things” posts because I come up with the most random things to write about. My friends in the office love when I read the newspaper to them because I find the weirdest and craziest stories that no one else finds. As a result of being highly opinionated I have often got into disagreements especially with people of IQ in the single digits. I have been blocked on Facebook and twitter three times each and once on whatsapp (that I know of). I decided to write this post for a laugh, because stupid people are indeed funny.

1. The owner of a food stall got highly offended because I am not a suck up or a liar like the army of groupies she is used to. I simply mentioned on twitter that I wanted to try her food but I couldn’t because she made beef and chicken on the same grill. Of course she couldn’t respond intelligently and called me a little girl and a silly bitch. There was certainly some truth in this. I am little compared to her being double my size and capable of crushing me with a single thigh. I do look like a girl when my face is compared to her old haggard one. In her case with age didn’t come wisdom unfortunately. The best part was her complaining about social media management when her idea of it is telling customers to f`**k off. If only she didn’t have friends that was just of her race she might learn to exhibit tolerance. The whole incident resulted in a full on twar involving her and another. I have dubbed them the original two ugly stepsisters.

2. I tweeted that the sales assistant at a store was bitchy and rude. I must say I always find it funny when sales assistants act all high and mighty. The people shopping in the store generally are more qualified and earn more money than them so I totally do not get the attitude. I got blocked by the brand. It was totally okay though, because they rebranded and all their new stuff is ugly as hell. I don’t need to shop there anymore! 

3. Chicky on twitter sold a phone that she won as a prize. She got scammed for payment because she was silly enough to accept cheque. The result was her complaining (akin to a Parktown prawn that doesn’t die) on social media to companies who weren’t at fault for her own stupidity. She surprisingly got another phone – I suspect just to stop the whining. I tweeted that I hope she wasn’t going to try and sell the new phone. She responded no and then blocked me. She then tweeted that she was considering selling an unwanted gift (that was coincidentally the same price of the phone). Some people just don’t learn their lesson hey?

4. Posted a Facebook status mentioning that if you love/miss/think someone is amazing you should tell them instead of writing an ode to them on Facebook. Girl who was being used for her vagina and wrote odes to said user of lady bits clearly got upset at hearing the truth and blocked me. It was sad because the guy was calling her stupid behind her back and here she was making a fool of herself on a public forum. On a side note if you partake in being friends with benefits you must realise that you are being used. This isn’t the movies, it’s real life and the guy is probably ashamed of you. You are a secret for a reason. Wake up and smell the lies. 

5. A girl who complained, shouted and gossiped about me still wanted to use a picture of me and her as her Facebook profile picture. I politely asked her to take it down and she refused. I then got blocked because she was so in love with the picture! You can’t have your complaints and a picture too! Does a sane person behave like a two faced, backstabbing, cut fowl and still expect someone to be their friend? Oh hell no! 

6. I updated a Facebook status about people that want to boast but can’t spell properly. I got attacked by a few who couldn’t spell and furthermore who the post wasn’t about. I blocked them because you can’t argue with stupid illogical people. I don’t think that someone who failed grade 11 as well as matric and can’t spell is now going to be better than me. No need for me to lose sleep!

7. A model tweeted that there is no such thing as an ugly woman just a lazy woman. I asked what she meant and got blocked. What I think she meant is that you have to slather on makeup, be a gym bunny, starve yourself and dress up while men don’t have to do anything. Then again I can’t expect much more from someone who poses naked to earn money and retweets compliments to make them feel okay and have a purpose in life. Models are as narcissistic as they come because they have never developed any skills besides looking pretty at all times. Remember my darlings that looks fade and plastic surgery and Botox won’t save you from yourself.  

I leave you with these lines:

When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead so it’s only hard for others. It’s the same thing when you are stupid. 

I am not saying you are stupid, you just have bad luck with thinking.

Remember stupid people will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Stay smart and don’t be a basic bitch!



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