The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub

The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub is a deliciously scented, luxurious and decadent scrub. Not to mention that it has a super long name! I am in love with the smell which transports me to an unknown exotic island. This is a cream based gentle scrub with fine salt particles. It contains Ximenia Americana seed oil to leave your skin feeling moisturized. I like cream based scrubs the best because I find them easier to apply and scrub with. There is no wastage which is common with salt or sugar based scrubs where the product falls off as you scrub your skin. Oil based scrubs are not my favourite either as they leave the shower extremely slippery and your skin greasy.

For best results this needs to be applied onto dry skin. Damp or wet skin reduces it’s effectiveness to slapping on moisturizer on your skin. I use this to scrub on my entire body from neck down barring my feet. I apply quite a thick layer and then work the product into my skin. I have seen reviews where people claim to use a teaspoon size amount to scrub their entire body but I really don’t think that is possible. After reading this I did try using less than my usual amount and found that a sparse layer of scrub works just as well. I do find because the consistency of the product is quite thick it is quite a tiring process and takes more time to scrub than what I would do with a weaker consistency scrub. I like to spend a good few minutes scrubbing my body in sections which contributes to my overall tiredness by the end. As this is not a watery scrub a little does go a long way and it has definitely lasted longer than other scrubs I have used.


This scrub is not abrasive and feels only slightly rough when first applied depending how much you slather on. As you scrub and rub away you can feel it becoming smoother. It washes off very easily and leaves your skin moisturized due to the oil content. If you prefer squeaky clean skin you should rinse off with shower gel afterwards but this also rinses the lovely scent that lingers on your skin from the scrub. I really love how super smooth my skin feels afterwards. Some scrubs can leave your skin feeling taut and dry, I am really glad that this is not the case and I am left feeling moisturized and smooth. This might be too gentle a scrub for some but I find it is perfect for my skin which does not need an abrasive scrub. I’m perfectly happy with a gentle scrub that is good sloughing off layers of beauty products sitting on my skin. 

I like the product size of 350ml which you can get a good few uses from. An obvious aside is that you should not get any water into the scrub because it will dissolve and dilute it. The design of the bottle is very cute however the clasp of the bottle is finicky and requires quite an effort to open and close. If you leave your tub of scrub in the shower it will get rusty. This then leaves your hands smelling metallic when you open and close the jar.


This scrub retails for R220 for 350ml with a smaller size also available. I think this a decent price for the size. The Body Shop have specials like 3 for 2, 20% off or 50% off sales quite often as well as loyalty or birthday vouchers. You are definitely able to enjoy this scrub for less if the price is too high for your budget. 

If you are looking for a gentle cream based scrub I recommend you give this a try. I will certainly be repurchasing when I run out, which is soon!

Scrub & Rub,


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