7 words I hate

1. FOMO – The only fear of missing out you should have is that of missing out on an adequate vocabulary.

2. YOLO – You live every day. What you are perhaps trying to articulate is that you only have one life. I don’t get the need for this atrocious word as living is the longest thing you will ever do in your life.

3. TOTES –  You have lowered your IQ to single digits by not using the full word.

4. AMAZEBALLS – What the actual fudge is this?! Just no. I don’t ever hear people saying balls are amazing, boobs heck yeah, balls never.

5. DOLL – A very patronizing word. I have a name, use it.

6. FOODIE – Apparently the criteria to call oneself a foodie is to like food and eat it. That is all. Everyone is a flipping foodie by these standards. The homeless guy on the street loves food too, let me call him a foodie. I will never call myself a foodie. You are pretentiously giving yourself a meaningless title. Did you study food? Do you cook? No, you just like food? Newsflash is that everyone likes food!!! Calling yourself a foodie does not make you special.

7. BLESSED – I don’t care how amazing your life is, you are not “blessed”. What you are experiencing is just the natural course of life, where there will be ups and downs. You are not blessed and it is certainly not pleasant rubbing it everyone’s face all the time.

Rant over, drops mike….

Over & out,


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