Tapas at Rockets Lolita’s

Rockets Lolita’s is a tapas, sushi and cocktail bar set up next to Rocket in Parkhurst. I was very excited to try this latest offering out as tapas are perfect to share on a date or amongst friends. Our meze style dinner at Mezepoli went well so I decided to organize a girls dinner at Lolita’s. I must admit that the name Lolita brings to mind a name suitable for an escourt! Lolita’s is decorated as an upmarket bar complete with bar stools and a water feature. Sitting on a table outside is perfect for a drinks and snacks evening combined with people watching. It is definitely a great hangout with a buzzing vibe for a night out. Due to the setup it is not suitable for a date or rated high on the comfort factor. We decided to sit at Rocket as management was kind enough to let us order from both the Rocket and Lolita’s menu.


I really love the wide variety of tapa options on offer. The food is Spanish influenced, think smoked salmon rostis, homemade fish cakes, chorizo stuffed grilled squid, tuna empanadas, mussel pots, grilled steak tacos, mediterranean meatballs, sticky bbq rib buckets, chicken wings, peri peri chicken strips, chicken quesadillas, vegetable spring rolls, melanzane parmegan, crumbed olives and patatas bravas. Prices range from R32 to R62. You will be sure to find something you want to try with plenty of vegetarian, meat, chicken and seafood dishes on the menu. The only problem will be deciding what to eat with so many options available. There is only one platter option, The Rocket All Stars platter for R120 which consists of cheese, chorizo and ham, olives, flatbread, fig and rocket. A really innovative idea in place is that each dish has a wine or beer pairing – no need to ask your waiter what works well or ponder for yourself.


This traditional Mexican tortilla chips served with Mexican guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapenos and cheddar cheese for R52 looks so delicious with the prettiest of presentations.


Lightly fried haloumi cheese served with sweet chilli sauce for R42 was a yummy generous portion.


Green salad with avocado, cucumber and spring onions in a sweet french dressing for R58.


Thai chicken skewers for R48 is made with chicken breasts served with a peanut satay sauce and topped with toasted coconut. The portions of chicken were quite small, the sauce was overpowered by the taste of ginger and the toasted coconut was missing.


Porcini mushroom and cranberry ragout served on a sweet potato rosti and topped with parmesan cheese for R44. Once again the topping which in this case was the parmesan was missing. This is definitely an interesting and flavoursome dish however the rosti was hard as a rock and not crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle as it should be.


Seven marinated butterflied prawns served with a Madagascan style peri peri sauce will cost you R62. The flavour in the prawns was unusual but not in a good way, I didnt enjoy the taste or the strange concocted sauce either.


Lastly the dukka crusted lamb kebabs served with a cucumber raita for R62 was hands down the most disgusting thing I ate last year. The spice and flavour was awful, the meat was extremely tough and the lamb was raw! It is easy to see that fat chunks of meat will not cook easily all the way through. Upon showing this to the manager on duty she blamed the supplier. I can understand blaming the supplier for the quality of meat but a) how does this become my problem, as you are happily serving this quality of meat to a customer and b) this does not account for uncooked meat. The restaurant contacted me to send them an email in response to a tweet but I got no response back from them.


Rocket runs a great special of half price sushi on Tuesdays. I would recommend grabbing a few friends for a sushi and cocktail evening. Our table was very cramped with ordering the many tapas dishes, it is probably best to not order all your dishes at once.


Rocket offers a great vibey hangout with a wide variety of menu options and cocktails that is perfect for a fun night out. I didn’t enjoy the tapas offering but there are plenty of options on the normal menu including burgers, sandwiches, pastas and gourmet pizzas which you can try.

Click: http://rocketrestaurant.co.za
Ring: (011) 880 6102
Hop: Corner 10th Street & 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

Rockets & Tapas,


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