Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Range

I liked, loved and loathed the three products I tried from this facial range.

The hydrating cleansing milk retails at R110 for 200ml. I have only tried two other brands of cleansing milk before and I have to say I don’t particularly like it. Whilst cleansing milk should remove all elements of dirt, oil and makeup from your skin, I don’t feel that my end result face is clean enough. The consistency of this product is quite thick to be considered milky. It is recommended that a cotton wool pad is used to apply the product, however I used my fingers which I think works just as well. The milk does not wash off easily from your face and a few attempts may be needed.This reminded me of applying a moisturizing cream to your face and then attempting to wash it off. I liked this cleansing milk for it’s price. I do feel that it needs to be used in conjunction with a face wash in order for your skin to feel clean.

The gel creme hydration retails at R145 for 50ml. I surprisingly hated this when I first tried it out as my skin had a slight tingly/burny sensation from using it. After applying it on my stubbornly dry eczema patches it however worked wonders keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized. My skin didn’t have dry flaky patches that reappeared minutes after applying a cream. The consistency of the cream is very dense and sometimes doesn’t fully absorb. Apply this lightly as can you can feel the product layer sitting on your skin. I really loved the hydration from this product.


The hydrating toner retails at R110 for 200ml. I didn’t check the ingredients before using this but I didn’t need to after immediately noticing that it made my skin tight and dry. This was a result of the toner containing alcohol which is an absolute no, no (well in skincare anyway)! I loathe this product and wouldn’t recommend you buy it because of the alcohol.

The range has a light refreshing cucumber scent which I feel neutral about. The products do not seem suitable for those with sensitive skin but I do love that the prices are reasonable and will not break the bank. I would pick up the gel creme to use occasionally for a hydration boost but it’s too heavy a cream to be suitable for everyday use for me.

Toner & Moisturizer,


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