Meze style at Mythos

Mythos Atholl Square is the first Greek restaurant and the only branch of the franchise I have visited. The décor is pretty, light and predominantly white as one has come to expect from the Greek restaurants. The upstairs section is perfect for a date with dimmer lights and a quieter vibe.


I have stuck to the main meals, the previous three times I have been here, as meze is not the type of food you order to eat by yourself. One of the positives about Mythos is that you have a choice of ordering meze, main meals, platters or the set menu. The menu has a wide variety of options and is certain to cater to everyone’s needs. Greek restaurants are known for their numerous vegetarian options that give you a choice of what you want to eat, not it already being decided for you by only offering one vegetarian meal. The vegetarian platter I tried here was not impressive, so I hoped a choice of meat meze would change my initial opinion. Unfortunately this was not to be the case.


I really liked that for the price of two dips we could order a dip platter with a choice of 3 dips and pita. The pita bread was average with only the choice of one type. The ktipiti dip (feta, peppers and chilli) was the only delicious dip we tried. The garlic was overwhelming in the hummus and the tzatziki lacked seasoning.


The calamari (R46) prepared in a lemon butter sauce whilst a decent portion size was rubbery.


Souvlakia chicken on a skewer for R39 was the biggest rip off! One skewer of dry, flavourless chicken without an accompaniment was not good value for money. Separate cubes of chicken skewered on would make it better presentation wise and easier to eat.


The kolokithakia – thinly slices, lightly crumbed marrow (R38) was anything but. The marrow was coated in a thick layer of batter and lacked seasoning. The marrow is served with a lumpy mash. I don’t understand the idea behind this as it did not compliment the marrow. This was certainly the worst of the mezes.


I enjoyed the eight medium prawns (R65), whilst it wasn’t the best tasting prawns it was by far the best tasting meze on the night.


Dolmades consisting of classic grape vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and greek yoghurt (R36) aren’t my favourite Greek dish.


The pitas ranging in price from R52-R59 served with chips is definitely great value for money and a dish I would recommend to anyone looking for a light meal.


Homemade 180g Greek burger topped with Gruyere cheese, red onion, tomato and tzatziki and served with a side for R85 looked deliciously colourful and flavourful.


The presentation of the fresh Norwegian Salmon seared, served with rice and soya sauce for R130 was underwhelming.


Grilled beef fillet, topped with calamata olives and served with a feta and mushroom sauce for R145.


Overall I found our food to be average and pricey. Our bill for two came to R400 and we were still hungry. Meze is definitely not something you should order here. It’s not good value for money or the best tasting food. The main meals are better options in terms of price and taste. I would recommend choosing one of the lunch specials of chicken slouvaki and chips/fish and chips/300g sirloin steak and chips for R49 or beef/chicken yiro and chips for R39. This is perfect for a light lunch meal at a decent price in a nice setting. Mythos is not my favourite Greek restaurant but offers a nice vibe and change from the usual Italian/café/steakhouse food.

Ring: (011) 783 5615
Hop: Atholl Square, Cnr Katherine Street & Wierda Road East

Dolmades & Baklava,


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