7 things that result in a monstrous face

1. Over tweezed eyebrows that look worse than the bushy eyebrows you did have. A thin crooked highly arched  eyebrow is not pleasant to look at. A secondary result of this is the higher emphasis on the two toned skin where your eyebrows used to be.

2. Foundation woes. All too often women choose the wrong shade of foundation. I am pretty sure you were not going for the clown look. We can all tell your natural skin colour from the colour difference between your face and neck. Women are not only at fault for choosing a lighter shade in an attempt to look “fairer”, I have seen a few shades too dark as well. Any photos with you in it especially with unforgiving flash will look like something out of a horror movie (not the pretty dumb girls but rather the hideous monsters). Another travesty is the plastering of foundation in similar fashion as a brick layer does with cement. Acne should not be an excuse for this as you will make it worse by clogging up your pores. You are also most likely guilty of being the cow that leaves behind a trail of makeup on white clothes that you don’t buy at stores and the rest of us can’t buy either.

Please stop overdoing it with the blush. Don’t use liquid eyeliner if you draw crooked lines. Ain’t nobody want to see that! I really feel that this is a much needed public service announcement. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater of using makeup, but I do believe it should be used to accentuate rather than cover up. I have seen pretty girls who look infinitely better without makeup hiding behind a plastered face. The fact is if you don’t get makeup that suits you and don’t apply it correctly the end result will not be pretty.

3. Coloured contact lenses that will never suit you. I am so very tired of seeing people with blue and green and light brown eyes that you would never have been born with naturally in the first place given your skin colour. Here is the reality: you look like a vain, attention seeking human not happy with your appearance. The contacts give you the appearance of a fake, generic snake.

4. Indian girls drawing dots on their faces. But why?! If you are going to do a liquid dot then a small round dot will suffice. If not please buy a stick on one. Drawing little wiggly lines on your face looks like dirt. I’m pretty sure you not drawing it for protection but rather that you think it makes you pretty. News flash – it doesn’t!

5. Gold teeth. I don’t think I have to explain this one.

6. Hair is strictly not your face, but it does contribute to ones facial appearance. Stop with the ugly blonde/brown highlights. If it looks like blonde sporadic streaks on your hair that does not add depth and shaded colour it is clearly done wrong! The dying of hair to a colour that you would not be born with is just plain hideous. There’s a reason you were born with black hair not blonde. Highlights can be tastefully done but a cheapie hairdresser is probably not going to help you achieve this. I get experimentation, I really do. I’m just saying if you think it looks good I am sorry to inform you it doesn’t.

7. Piercings on your face that reminds one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Some people look good with facial piercings but the rest need to wake up and smell the metal. If it looks like you have an ugly mole not a piercing it’s a don’t!

This post was written in the hope of improving unsightly faces everywhere!


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