7 things I love about me

All too often we compliment others freely but criticize ourselves without ever thinking about our great qualities. Have you ever felt that when someone compliments you that you have to find something to counter compliment them on? Why can’t we just smile and say thank you? I decided to write this post because I am certainly guilty of fault finding and unable to accept a compliment. I encourage you to think about a few things that you love about yourself and remember them when you are feeling down!

The 7 things I love about me are:

1) My smile. Its crooked and lopsided but it still portrays happiness and joy in photos.

2) My brain. By no means am I saying I am the smartest, but I am so glad that I can hold a conversation and can respond to reason and logic.

3) My height. At 1.74m I am glad to be slightly tall with the longest of legs and more height to spread the weight over!

4) My open-mindedness. Whilst I am very opinionated I still am open to the views and ideas of others.

5) My all consuming curiosity. I love knowing everything! My need and desire for knowledge is insatiable. It is this same need that helps me remember interesting tidbits of information or the name of person’s spouse or certain religious requirements that people have.

6) My ability to care. I care deeply about those I love and will give them my all.

7) My boobs. Yeah, yeah some people might consider it an inappropriate thing to say. I certainly think they awesome and I might as well embrace it while I’m young!


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