Ghazal restaurant review

Ghazal is a North Indian restaurant with two branches in Bryanston and Sunninghill. The Bryanston branch is the original and the apparent better of the two by virtue of word on the street.


This restaurant has been another case in point for me to not trust recommendations. I have realised what I think is good (on anything) and what others think is good are miles apart. On the blogging front it is sometimes difficult to trust sponsored or press release blogposts as people are scared to write something bad or everything gets sugar coated and spun in a good light. This inhibits you from getting the full picture. Secondly by no fault of the blogger, the experience will be with the best service and food, which is not replicated when the rest of us visit. I find I prefer reading the views of people that have paid for something themselves – there isn’t any bias or gain involved. My advice is to read everything (including anything I write) with a pinch of salt! Don’t blindly trust everything you read and realise that an experience might not pan out the same for you.


Décor and ambience of the restaurant was charming and inviting. Booths across the one wall provide a more intimate dining experience for dates or a cosy dinner. A reservation is a must as it does get quite busy. To start the dinner of we received the complimentary poppadums with average sauce that lacked body and good taste.


The starter platter (R42) is a good choice that provides many different dishes to try. Our platter had badjia, pakoda, chicken tikka, chicken reshmi kebab, shish kebab and a samoosa. I found the chicken reshmi kebab to be way too tender to the point that it was mushy. The mince samoosa (R30 for 4) was doughy, lacked flavour and spice. The shape was indeed unusual but I prefer my samoosas triangular in shape.


We chose the lamb vindaloo (R98), fish curry (R99), chicken makhnie (R96), chicken tikka masala (R96) and tandoori chicken (R59) for mains. While I know now that North Indian curries have a sweet taste, this did not have a good overall flavour either. Ordering hot or mild did not make a difference to the taste. For me I don’t see how you can enjoy a mild lamb dish. It was very disappointing that the kingklip in the fish curry was not fresh. The tandoori chicken was the only enjoyable dish that was done well and had a great taste.


This was the first time I tried a Laccha Parantha. It resembles a multi layered roti, very filling but lacking the flavour and goodness you get from naan. Give it a skip and get the yummy garlic or butter naan. The different types of Indian bread are all priced at R17.50.


Those with the sweet tooth will be happy to find both Indian and Western desserts on offer on the menu. Presentation was lacking but we did enjoy the chocolate volcano cake in all its chocolate gooeyness.


Italian kisses were done in vanilla and chocolate ice-cream; I would have loved strawberry instead of the double vanilla provided.


Overall I thought the curries are expensive priced close to R100. Average food at exorbitant prices makes this a miss for me. Your local Indian takeaway place probably serves a better curry than this.

Samoosa & Naan,


3 thoughts on “Ghazal restaurant review

  1. We ate at the Ghazal Sunninghill and always make a trip to go there. The food is consistent and always good, and even with the high price per dish, I feel that 2 people can be fed with one dish as we always have take always. I think food in general between branches always differs and unfortunately but not acceptably, sometimes the chef does have an off day.
    Thanks for the posts!

  2. Thanks for always reading and making time to leave comments Ania 🙂 The portion sizes for Indian food are always generous, generally if we are two people eating we still end up ordering two curries because one is slightly too little. Have you not eaten at Ghazal in awhile? My friend said she used to love it but they seemed to have changed the recipes lately. I feel like they charge high prices because they are in Bryanston. I enjoyed curries at Raashee much better and they were priced around R70. Maybe I am also more picky with curries being my first nature 😉 With some of my favourite restaurants I have noticed if the chef leaves it affects all the food and it might not be so good anymore.

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