Neutrogena scrub & face wash review

Neutrogena’s visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub and facial wash appealed to me for it’s clean, fresh grapefruit scent, pretty colour and reasonable price. I bought them thinking I would use both products together, but the scrub functioned very similarly to a face wash so I decided to use them separately. What I love most about these products has to be the smell. The grapefruit scent is fresh, clean, light and not overpowering in the slightest way. And how pretty is the light pink colour?!

Moving away from the aesthetically pleasing properties, the scrub has a gel like consistency which becomes soapy but not foamy. This made it feel similar to a combined wash and scrub rather than an exclusive scrub. The scrub is gentle enough to be used daily, but did an average job removing dead skin cells. I found that my skin still had areas with dry, flaky patches and it didn’t have an appearance of exfoliated skin. The gooey gel consistency takes a good few washes to clean off and doesn’t present you with a truly clean feeling face.


The face wash is light and foams easily. It’s easy to wash off and a great cleansing wash. I liked that it did not dry my skin out and leave it squeaky clean stripped of all it’s natural oils. While the products claim to eliminate spots and blemishes I didn’t notice a difference to my skin. This could be because I have generally problem free skin. Each bottle lasted me a good couple of months.

Overall these products are good value for money. They did not irritate my skin and I loved the scent. The scrub I felt was too gentle and came across as a gel daily wash. I didn’t like the heaviness of the gel scrub and prefer a cream based face scrub. I would definitely buy the face wash again. It might not eliminate blemishes and blackheads but it does get the cleansing job done. Cleansers are definitely the products in your skincare regime that you can buy cheaply. The prices for these products retail at around R80. Clicks however are always running specials and I picked mine up for R60.

Wash & Scrub,


2 thoughts on “Neutrogena scrub & face wash review

  1. That’s so interesting! At first I also felt the consistency similar for both products, but with more water the wash was foamy. That’s why I used them both separately. The prices are very similar here in South Africa. I think it functions very much like a simple wash and I got it at a discount so I wasn’t too concerned. I will pay more attention to ingredients now. Thanks 🙂

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