Hashi restaurant review

I’m going to be upfront and start this post by saying I am not a fan of sushi. This might stem from the fact that my first venture to the land of sushi was at Ocean Basket where I made the mistake of ordering the seaweed wrapped kind. I have heard countless times that sushi is an acquired taste that I will grow to like the more times I eat it, much like drinking wine. This doesn’t appeal to my logic in the slightest way. If I don’t like something the first time I am not going to keep eating it till I have convinced myself I like it. I am also not fully convinced of how many people truly like sushi as it often feels that it is a social front for some people. Ooh just look at me eating sushi, I am tres cool and sophisticated.


Sushi eating judgement aside, please bear in mind while reading this review that I am certainly no sushi expert. This was my third time eating it. Overall the experience was certainly better than the previous two as I got to try a variety of dishes. Some of the dishes didnt work well with the soy sauce, ginger and wasabi which was a plus for me because I don’t like the three.


Hashi is situated in the outdoor area of The Zone in Rosebank. I thought the set up and decor was lovely. The outdoor section is not too appealing with it all windowed up, but I think when the weather is warmer and it is an open area it will be a pleasant place to dine and people watch. There is a mix of the usual table and chairs as well as couches and bar stool area. I loved that this is a restaurant mainly specializing in sushi and not a takeaway joint. This contributed to a nice vibe and ambience.


Whilst their speciality is sushi, there are salads, soups and hot plates consisting of either beef, chicken, pork or fish dishes on the menu as well. The extensive sushi options on offer also contain unusual combinations such as chicken sushi. Don’t worry the chicken is obviously cooked! It can prove to be quite overwhelming trying to decide what to order on the menu as there is a huge variety of options. Our waiter was helpful in advising us against what not to eat on the menu. There were a few ingredients which we had to google to find out what they were, a sushi glossary might save one the trouble. I liked that there is a great selection of tempura available on the menu.


We were presented with a amuse bouche of deep fried chicken parcels in a peanut sauce which was extremely yummy and a nice touch. This dish changes daily as it is a chefs special which sometimes cannot be found on the menu.


The sushi we ordered were the salmon,avocado and cream cheese fashion sandwiches, crispy chicken rolls (crispy chicken, asparagus and spring onion with teriyaki sauce), ebiten roll (crispy prawn, Japanese mayonnaise and roasted peppers topped with avocado and spicy sauce), tiger tempura (salmon, avocado and cream cheese with hashi sauce), spicy crunch salmon (vegetable tempura and cream cheese topped with spicy salmon and masago).


Dishes done well were the fashion sandwiches, prawn ebiten roll, and tiger tempura. Whilst the crispy chicken on top of the sushi was deliciously prepared it didnt work well in the sushi because of the seafood taste from the seaweed. The spicy crunch salmon was my least favourite dish, the salmon was not spicy and I didnt like the addition of masago which made it unpleasantly fishy. Ginger provided was a rather stingy portion given the amount of sushi.


I loved the presentation of the sushi which was served on a wooden bridge. It’s so much more aesthically appealing than boring platters and encourages the sharing of food. You can order different sushi and everyone can have a variety to eat from. If you don’t want to share your sushi better get it onto your plate at the start!


While the restaurant was not busy, I found service slow and we struggled to get the waiters attention after our food was served. This could be due to us being seated upstairs and the waiters predominantly wait downstairs. The staff in general were not overly friendly and whilst they were helpful it was overall impersonal service. We had to fill out a rating card at the end which I hope is used to improve the service and experience.


The sushi is slightly pricier and the portions are small so you will end up ordering more portions to satisfy your appetite. Those that fall into the traditional sushi diner category will probably not fall in love with Hashi. If you have a flexible, versatile palette and are willing to try something new you will enjoy the Hashi experience. I definitely think Hashi is a place to try at least once. What makes Hashi special is the unusual combinations that provides you a dining experience that is different to the ordinary sushi you will eat elsewhere. Hashi might not be a place that you make an exclusive trip to, but more out of convenience if you find yourself at Rosebank craving sushi. The bf reckons the sushi was average and unfamiliar to the usual tastes so he would not return. Sushi is not my kind of food so I wouldn’t make a trip back. Let me know what you think if you try it out!

Click: http://www.hashi.co.za/
Ring: (011) 447 8328
Hop: 177 Oxford Road, Shop G-34 The Zone @ Rosebank

Chopsticks & Sushi,


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