Food y’all! – Part 2

Primi’s food is too mass produced, made without any passion or respect for the ingredients for my liking. The appeal lies in the hip and bustling vibe, well priced food, a wide array of menu options and plenty of booze. It serves as a popular venue for large groups of people. The service is always consistently awful as the waiters serve all tables and there are no designated waiters. On this most recent visit the complimentary bread served was stale. The pasta didn’t look very appetising and lacked the flavour and body you expect from it.


Condiments of parmesan, chilli and garlic are not good quality and detract from a meal adding an inedible flavour instead of adding to it. Breakfast options fare much better than lunch or dinner but the ambience and decor of the restaurant make it a sleazy breakfast option. This isn’t a place I like to frequent and if you had no choice in the matter I would recommend just frequenting strictly for drinks.

If you mention that you want to try a burger joint out chances are that someone will mention Dukes in Greenside. I have been here three times and have found the burgers to be tasteless and bordering on unedible every single time. The allure of Dukes has to be its location in vibey Greenside and a great place to hangout. I cannot fathom and believe that anyone will actually go here for the food. Some patrons are easily brainwashed to believe that interesting combinations and the huge size of the burger makes it good. I however am not as easily fooled and rely on taste as well as food actually being cooked! The chips are the only edible food I have eaten here. Given that there are only burgers on the menu there isn’t much to eat if the burgers aren’t to your liking.

A burger is meant to be enjoyed eaten with your hands, sauce dripping down with a juicy patty. I think Dukes loses the essence of this appeal of a burger. The focus is more on how many toppings can be piled on a patty without falling over. These burgers have to eaten with a knife and fork as they are tower high and you can’t enjoy all the toppings in one bite.

I have tried the La Bella (R89), a lean lamb burger served with tomato, rocket, mozzarella cheese and cucumber. As the burger does not have any sauce and the patty was dry and tasteless overall this was the worst burger I have ever eaten. The chic chick (R70), chicken fillet served with tomato, chopped basil, olive pesto, fried haloumi, tomato salsa and cucumber ribbons was equally bland. Seasoning and flavour is seriously lacking in the burgers here.


Burger prices range from R60-R90 which is reasonable given that it’s a restaurant burger not a takeaway. The peanut butter and chocolate pie was delicious and good value for money (R38). It is a rather rich dessert so probably best to share amongst a few people.

I do take my proverbial hat off to Dukes for their extensive vegetarian options as well as providing burgers in lamb, chicken, ostrich and beef options. Whilst I understand that restaurants sometimes have off days I have never had a good experience here and my friends have not enjoyed the burgers either. I have tried both the chicken and lamb and my bf the beef burgers and we are both in agreement. We don’t want to ever eat a burger from here again! The burgers are tasteless, bland, dry, lack seasoning and sometimes raw. An overall NO, NEVER, NOT EVEN IF YOU PAID ME in my book!

Food & Drinks,


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