Food y’all! – Part 1

This post sums up my recent visits to Mike’s Kitchen, Raashee and Red Rabbit French Grill. Part 2 of this post are my reviews on Primi and Dukes burgers. Being slightly moody at the time I didn’t take pictures of anything beside the food when I visited these restaurants. I thought it best to do a combined post on my overall experiences.

Mike’s Kitchen
First up is Mike’s kitchen in Parktown. I can remember Mike’s from my childhood memories. This was the place to go to for a family dinner complete with a yummy milkshake to end of the evening. When I think Mikes, I think of good memories and comfort food. Our cheesy garlic roll was delicious and perfect for a light starter to share.


The chicken and jalepeno starter skewers were generous enough to be a main portion. While the chicken was succulent and tender the dish lacked seasoning and hence taste. A specially made sauce would complement the dish better than bottled sweet chilli.


I was disappointed in my lamb chops as I specifically asked if it would be BBQ but was instead served lemon and rosemary which I find bland. You may or may not know this, but you can order a full sized lamb chops portion for an extra R50 and get two extra chops (the normal portion is 3 chops for R140).


Our chosen dessert of mini bar one chocolate wrapped in pastry, served with ice cream and bar one sauce was a yummy way to end of the meal.


Service was dismal. We were seated in a corner booth and forgotten for most of the night, one main meal was missing and the waiter’s knowledge on food was not great. The prices are on par with other restaurants so I wouldn’t say that its better value for money. I would recommend going to the Parktown branch as it is the original and food is better than the other branches. Although the service is not up to scratch, overall it’s a nice place for families or a chilled get together with friends.

This is a fairly new Indian restaurant that has popped up in the Morning Glen shopping centre. While the ambience and décor is not really there for a date, it is a nice place for a quick lunch or takeaway. The restaurant is small and cosy so you don’t have to worry about trying to get the attention of a waiter or waitress that’s miles away. I liked that the owners were friendly and checked up on us.


To start we were given complimentary poppadoms served with a coriander and a sweet sauce. Both the sauces were done very well. The menu has an extensive array of curries to choose from and we decided on the chicken makhani and lamb vindaloo. The curries were delicious and the cuts of meat were of a good quality.


While I wouldn’t say it was the best curry I have had it was still an enjoyable and pleasant meal. As with all Indian restaurants the mains are served with basmati rice. I wish there was an option on this because I never eat the rice and always prefer garlic naan, the rice usually gets wasted.


I enjoyed the food here much more than the overinflated Ghazal and with cheaper prices to boot. This is a place I would definitely eat again at; my only gripe is that North Indian curries have a very sweet flavour whereas I prefer a salty curry.

Red Rabbit French Grill
The Nicolway centre is home to this charming restaurant. The setup is similar to The Morningside shopping centre with an open space filled with a choice of a few restaurants and outside dining in the centre. The restaurant is romantic and cosy but pretentious at the same time. This could be because the entire centre feels a tad snobbish to me.


For starters we had the mussels and chips in a creamy garlic and lemon sauce (R68) and the pumpkin soup (R48). I didn’t like the taste of the soup; the flavours didn’t work for me. The mussels however were amazing and hands down the best I have eaten anywhere. Soft, prepared well in a delicious sauce this was a winning dish. I would recommend ordering this as a main portion (R120).


The chicken main (R88) of chicken breasts served with truffle potatoes and a wild mushroom cream was bland. While this may be clean French flavours, I don’t like my chicken tasting like a chicken without seasoning and smidgens of sauce. Ten queen prawns (R145) is slightly pricey but you are paying for quality. These were tasty but not any different from other fine dining seafood places. I will definitely be going back to have more mussels. I think the menu is limiting with interesting choices, you might struggle to find a dish that will jump out at you – check out if there is anything you would like to eat before trying this restaurant out.

Wining & Dining,


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