Digital vs Print magazines

Reading magazines have been a big part of my lifestyle since high school. Browsing the aisles at the supermarket, picking up my favourite copy and then paging through it at home. I had not considered buying a digital copy of a magazine over the recent years as I did not have an iPad or private computer. When Marie Claire South Africa ran a promotion recently for free copies of their digital magazine I thought I would check out if digital really is better than print.

The process was fairly quick as I just needed to create a user profile on the subscription website. No payment details were required this time due to it being a free offer. The downloading of the magazine was a very confusing process for me. The magazine downloaded to the internet browser on my iPad. This annoyed me because if you close the browser the magazine must be redownloaded again. At one point I accidently escaped the magazine and had to redownload it. I feel this is unneccesary and the magazine should be stored as pdf copy so that are you able to access it without downloading it each time. I am hoping that there is a way to do this and I just am unaware of it. The help sections online did not help with reference to this.

Super pretty magazine cover on the iPad mini!


Reading a magazine on the iPad was a breeze. It is so convenient to read in bed compared to a bulky printed copy. I read the magazine from digital cover to cover in one night because it was so easy to do so. The pages did not fit the entire screen due to the iPad mini screen being smaller than an iPad but this was not a major issue. The smaller print was also difficult to see in some of the caption shots even after zooming in.

Overall I was very impressed reading a digital copy of a magazine. I love that you can order and read from the comfort of your house, the price is cheaper, a green environmentally friendly way to read, you can easily get a backdated copy and you will never receive a damaged magazine (I am OCD I know!). The downsides are you need data to download (very little), you miss out on freebies that are sometimes with the printed versions, and having to redownload the magazine.

My print subscription has run it course so I am definitely going to be ordering digital copies in the future. Digital is certainly worth giving a try!

Happy reading,


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