7 Things Index

7 Things I love about me
7 Things that result in a monstrous face
7 Words I hate
7 Social Media Wars
7 Things I want people to know
7 Random musings
7 Fashion sins women commit
7 Things people do/say that I hate
7 Things that I would never
7 Stupid tweets I have read
7 Things I wish would remain in 2014
7 Reasons to be grateful for load shedding
7 People whose restaurant recommendations you can’t trust
7 Reasons you probably aren’t in the right relationship
7 Annoying things people do on Snapchat
7 Random thoughts
7 Random thoughts again
7 Thoughts on the attacks in Paris and the use of social media
7 Random thoughts
7 Annoying things engaged people do
7 Tips to not get caught out in a lie
7 Things to leave behind in 2015
7 Fashion sins men commit
7 Annoying food trends
7 Times I find myself rolling my eyes
7 Things stupid people don’t understand about designer handbags
7 Things I hope 2017 will be
7 Rude things people do in public


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