Who is that girl?

Old time bloggers have recently been doing “About me” posts. Seeing that I am just starting out this is the perfect opportunity for this post.

* I am a girly girl. Until recently if you asked me about my favourite colour I would have said pink! I love pretty, beautiful and feminine things. Do not however mistake me for the type that dresses up. I am more the jeans, tshirt and sneakers dresser.

* My poor mind is only logical and not artistic. Oh how I wish I was more creative. We can’t have it all!

* Due to above mentioned fact I am generally not very good in anything that involves me actually doing said action vs thinking. I can’t cook or play a sport at all.

* The only sport I am super passionate about is tennis. I flew to Paris to watch the Roland Garros finals and it was magic.

* I work as an actuarial analyst consultant and currently completing my exams.

* Reading books make me happy. There is nothing I love better than spending time in a book store picking out a new story to delve into.

* I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 21 and I am trying to learn to cope with it. It is always scary and mostly painful. Some days are good and some days are a real battle for me.

* I have travelled to Rome, Paris, Venice and Amsterdam. I can’t wait to see whats next in store for my travel adventure.

* Heights terrify me. I will still brave the rollercoasters but bungee jumping and skydiving is not happening ever.

* I love cheesy horror movies. Yes, they are predictable but they are truly funny if you don’t get scared.

* My OCD nature extends to germs and damaged items. I obsess over dents and scratches on my possessions. When I have read a book it still looks brand new. Cracked book spines and dog ears drive me insane!

* I am abit of a competition whore. I love the thrill of winning.

* My hoarding tendencies extend to my perfume collection, old magazines and beauty products.

* I am directionally challenged. I get lost even with a GPS and do not ever ask me to read a map.  I blame not having done geography at school. That is my story and I am sticking to it.




One thought on “Who is that girl?

  1. It’s quite amazing how little you know of people that you interact with and how much more effort you should actually spend on people that are genuine and kind! I’m proud of you!

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